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1 mg


1mg is an online health care platform that offers multiple services such as online sale of medicines, home pick-up for lab tests, connecting the patients to the doctors etc.

Project involved designing different elements, focusing on improving website’s ETA according to google’s criteria so that website gets more traffic.

  • Internship Duration: 5 weeks

  • Role: UI/UX Designer

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Wireframes Solution

I divided footer into two sections, static and dynamic. This categorization enabled us to cater for future changes as there were designated categories for every element.

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This internship was very different from doing class projects for me. I learned the importance of various aspects while designing, such as taking stakeholder’s interests into consideration, testing multiple times and incorporating feedback from user testing into the solution. I realized that the project timelines deviate a lot from the plans as implementation of the solution has many other liabilities apart from designers’ work. I also gained insights in the criteria and parameters that are used by google to rate and assess all websites . Overall, It was a great experience for me where I could apply all learnt methodologies and skills on a real-time product.