A seamless biking solution thats makes you feel safer

The brief was to create a bike lighting solution. I went overboard to create a system that could make riders feel safe along with enhancing the biking experience while making it easier to navigate.

  • Product with app design.

  • Duration of 10 weeks

  • Role: UI/UX and Industrial Designer

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Identifying User Needs + Research

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One of the major insight I gained from my survey was that people are willing to invest in tracking and navigational systems for their bike. Most people forget to charge their bike light even if they own one. Majority people somehow try to navigate using phone but find it difficult to mount phone.

Mapping needs

While analysing data, mapping needs, according to number of users, helped me decide which features are the most critically wanted by the users. Some of the top ones were GPS, navigation, turn signals, speedometer.


Through observations I realized that riders carry a bunch of accessories with them and are mostly overloaded. The solution should aim towards being as minimal and lightweight as possible.


User Interviews

To gather more insights I interviewed a wide range of people with different biking experiences.

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I targeted different kind of people for research but found similar problem spaces in their experiences.


User Journey Mapping

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Low - fi Frames

Designed multiple iterations for screens, testing paper as well as mid-fidelity prototypes with users.

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Mid - Fi Screens

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App On boarding

The on-boarding helps users to understand how CICLO works and connects the physical device with the app seamlessly.

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Hi-fi Screens with features

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Designing for a plethora of features had me think about organisation and prioritising, getting it down to the most essentials rather than loading the device with multiple offerings . I was most excited to create a meaningful solution for riders to help them feel safe and to make riding more exciting.