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A Restaurant-finder for a full-belly experience.

A one week interface design challenge focused towards designing a restaurant finding platform, were every individual in the group will have an equal voice in the decision making process along with equal ability to participate.

  • Project Interface Design

  • Duration: 1 weeks

  • Role: UI/UX Designer


Opportunity Statement

Friends, co - workers and families with different cusine preferences often have extended periods of indecision when it comes to figuring out where to eat as a group. Extended debate about where everyone would like to eat is never fun when everyones stomach is grumbling.




User Journey

Mapping user-journey helped in realising the crucial pain points that a professional goes through on a daily basis and then generating insights from their experiences.

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How might we Statements

Informed by the research and interviews How might we statements were created to gain a better understanding while defining needs for the platform

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After performing card sorting with seven individuals, I could find some common points on how customers prioritize features. What needs are most important to them. Along with categorizing requirements into primary and secondary needs.

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After researching, Ideation is the phase which helped me brainstorm my ideas and come up with a solution.

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UX Construct

Created a site map after analyzing the feature listing categorized by users. The Construct proved to be very helpful in mapping out essential details.



Reimagined the restaurant-finding-experience by fostering a community a of bellies that share taste, cuisines, ingredients, a places and  ultimately the full-belly experience.


Low - Fi Screens

I started with hand sketching some rough ideas of what users would like to see in a potential solution. After reviewing the sketch and flows, I moved them over to sketch and organized the flows of clarity.

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Mid-Fidelity Mockups

I began to digitize all of my low - fidelity flows and design further providing a larger scope of the functionality of my app.

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User Testing

I was given the opportunity to user test with 4 students and 1 manager. They provided me with insights on what to change and improve from Mid Fidelity Mockup to the final. Some of the Insights were. 

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Visual Design

Focused on creating modular functional elements

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Hi-Fi Screen

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