We are your personal butler, but for insurance

Create a shopping/buying experience that improves the payment interaction, connects people, and helps find the perfect product or service for a user by using the technology available today or in the near future.

  • Website and mobile application

  • Duration of 10 weeks

  • Role: UI/UX Designer

  • Tools: Sketch, Principle, Illustrator, Photoshop


Opportunity Statement

How could we make insurances more approachable? Could we connect multiple companies to a single user and provide a platform for companies to be compared and selected?



Identifying User Needs + Research


We decided to interview insurance agents because we wanted to understand what they do for the users. We also interviewed an insurance buyer to help us understand their struggles with insurance companies. And lastly, we interviewed office managers of a dental office to understand their interaction with the insurance companies.


Affinity Mapping

After we conducted our research we complied our finding and affinitized to get to our key insights. We went through 3 different sticky note stages that helped us narrow down what our users wanted.


Key Insights




User Journey Mapping

Created user journeys to see where the biggest opportunity space is and what are the missing spaces within the current service that need to be improved. We decided to focus on the 3 main scenarios when it comes to insurance: Searching for a plan, Buying a plan, and Making a claim.

Letter Copy 2.png




Created a stakeholder map to help us understand the different people and services that would be connected to our solution. From our stakeholder map we were able to create the ecosystem of our solution that connected the people and services listed.


Based on our key insights from affinization, opportunities from our user journeys and user interviews, we laid out an ecosystem map to understand the hierarchy at which stakeholders are involved in the offerings and think about how our platform will encompass them.

Stitch Platform

A platform that is available on a computer or phone where users have a personalized virtual agent (AI) that helps them with all aspects of insurance, like searching/buying a plan, making a claim, and managing all their plans.



To create a platform with a marketplace that allows the user to connect to multiple companies, to compare and buy insurance with an ability to maintain current plans, all in one stop.


Low - fi Frames


Mid - Fi Screens


User Testing

Conducted 10 user testings, followed by a post questionnaire. This helped us to gather insights on how we can improve our design. Major focus was around criteria of understandability, usability, navigational flow and labelling. Testing was performed to see how well users were able to comprehend the solution.


Hi - Fi